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Paul Fields writes,

> Actually it all has to do with the Gundam and White Base getting
> trashed at Texas colony, something the movies leave out...

  ...beacuse it never happened. You're thinking of the novels. :-)

  That said, the MSV-era factoid that the White Base crew were transferred
after the war to another Pegasus-class ship, the White Base II, is probably
an homage to the novels.

  At any rate, in UC 0086/0087, there might still be a few Pegasus-class
ships in service. But with every Salamis refitted to carry mobile suits, and
the new Alexandria class arriving (with a greater MS capacity than the
Pegasus), they'd be of little military significance.

  More observations on this premise:

* The 30 Bunch incident took place on July 31, UC 0085. It woulda been old
news by UC 0086/0087,

* The Rick Dias was developed by Anaheim for the exclusive use of the AEUG.
You wouldn't find one hanging around a Federation base.

* Worth remembering: The Titans are a small elite force, probably no more
than a battalion or two, and dwarfed by the Federation rank and file. They
don't appear to have more than a few ships at their disposal... in fact,
they're not much larger in scale than the later Londo Bell.

-- Mark

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