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<< Try EXPERIMENTAL reactor. Trust me....there will be as reason why the explosion was that large. As for the Pegasus ships, they were re-christened the names I gave them. And they are museum pieces that will be HEAVILY
modified by a certain electronics company that has employees who feel the way that Uraki and company feel. But thanks for the extra help. More comments, anyone? >>

Museum pieces? good lord, any Pegasus class ship would be a a maximum of 7 years old in UC0086. Mobile suit ships would be at a premium, just as aircraft carriers were in the post war US Navy. It would be the old Magellan and Salamis class battlewagons that would be phased out and put into museums. The Saratoga lasted almost 15 years. the Midway-class lasted 40 years. Some of the Essex class carriers lasted until the early 80s. Some of the Forrestal class ships are still in service. The Enterprise is getting close to 40 now and the Nimitz carriers are scheduled to last 60+ years (the Ronald Reagan is the next and final ship to launch)

The One Year War would be too fresh in people's minds for them to start erecting museums for, I think.

Anyways, Kou is too much of a wuss to get anyone to follow him. Leadership is not one of his traits.


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