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Try EXPERIMENTAL reactor. Trust me....there will be as reason why the
explosion was that large. As for the Pegasus ships, they were re-christened
the names I gave them. And they are museum pieces that will be HEAVILY
modified by a certain electronics company that has employees who feel the
way that Uraki and company feel. But thanks for the extra help. More
comments, anyone?

>From: Neil Baumgardner <nbaumgardner@phillips.com>
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>Subject: Re: [gundam] My Fanfic Idea:"Mobile Suit Gundam:Yellow Serpent"
>!!!Give Me Your Input!!!!
>Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 18:16:32 -0400
>"M. R. Hannibal" wrote:
> > The time is UC 0086 (or 0087...not decided yet. Help me decide).
> > Lieutenent Junior Grade Kou Uraki is stationed at EFND (Earth Forces
> > Depot) Patamoir, near the ruins of Washington, DC. (yes...I created a
> > for this). Kou is not a happy man. His hatred for everything Zeon makes
> > seem paranoid to all who encounter him. He has lost his wife in a
> > accident ( Anaheim was testing their new GM II Commando when the MS's
> > reactor blew, cremating Nina and everything in a three-mile radius of
> > MS).
>Okay, firstly MS reactor explosions arent nearly that large! Try 100m or
>Glad they arent that way too, would've 'bout killed me and all the other
>in Paul's game!
> > When he and his fellow pilots hear of the 30 Bunch Incident , Kou and
> > pilots on the base who agree with him go wild, revolt against the
> > Federation, and decide to take action. He and the base personnel steal
> > prototype Rick Dias,and all of the GM Customs and GM Cannon IIs they can
> > carry from the hangar and load them onto two old OYW Pegasus-class
> > Naming the ships "Nueva Albion" (yeah...real original) and "Stormhawk",
>Also note there were only seven Pegasus mobile suit carriers: The original
>Pegasus, White Base (destroyed), White Base II (destroyed? - Mark, can you
>this one up, I'm little confused on this whole White Base II thing
>the 0080-style carriers - the Thoroughbred, Grey Phantom (destroyed during
>review in 0083), and Stallion; and the final Albion itself (pretty
>So, theoretically by 0086/87 you only have the original Pegasus (upgraded
>0080/0083 standard or museum more likely), Thoroughbred, and Stallion left
>around. However, I'm all for these having been pretty much abandoned or
>to the reserves. New ships like the Alexandria class and modified Salamis
>taken over the mobile suit carrier role.
> Neil
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