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> The time is UC 0086 (or 0087...not decided yet. Help me decide).
> Lieutenent Junior Grade Kou Uraki is stationed at EFND (Earth Forces Naval
> Depot) Patamoir, near the ruins of Washington, DC. (yes...I created a base
> for this). Kou is not a happy man. His hatred for everything Zeon makes him
> seem paranoid to all who encounter him. He has lost his wife in a training
> accident ( Anaheim was testing their new GM II Commando when the MS's
> reactor blew, cremating Nina and everything in a three-mile radius of the
> MS).

Okay, firstly MS reactor explosions arent nearly that large! Try 100m or so.
Glad they arent that way too, would've 'bout killed me and all the other players
in Paul's game!

> When he and his fellow pilots hear of the 30 Bunch Incident , Kou and the
> pilots on the base who agree with him go wild, revolt against the
> Federation, and decide to take action. He and the base personnel steal a
> prototype Rick Dias,and all of the GM Customs and GM Cannon IIs they can
> carry from the hangar and load them onto two old OYW Pegasus-class ships.
> Naming the ships "Nueva Albion" (yeah...real original) and "Stormhawk",

Also note there were only seven Pegasus mobile suit carriers: The original
Pegasus, White Base (destroyed), White Base II (destroyed? - Mark, can you clear
this one up, I'm little confused on this whole White Base II thing actually),
the 0080-style carriers - the Thoroughbred, Grey Phantom (destroyed during naval
review in 0083), and Stallion; and the final Albion itself (pretty trashed).

So, theoretically by 0086/87 you only have the original Pegasus (upgraded to
0080/0083 standard or museum more likely), Thoroughbred, and Stallion left
around. However, I'm all for these having been pretty much abandoned or seconded
to the reserves. New ships like the Alexandria class and modified Salamis have
taken over the mobile suit carrier role.


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