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It seem good, but i am the one not good to comment apon. What is 30 bunch?

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>Subject: [gundam] My Fanfic Idea:"Mobile Suit Gundam:Yellow Serpent"
>!!!Give Me Your Input!!!!
>Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 20:53:56 GMT
>Hello, all! I have a fanfic idea, so give me your input on it.
> The Premise
> The time is UC 0086 (or 0087...not decided yet. Help me decide).
>Lieutenent Junior Grade Kou Uraki is stationed at EFND (Earth Forces Naval
>Depot) Patamoir, near the ruins of Washington, DC. (yes...I created a base
>for this). Kou is not a happy man. His hatred for everything Zeon makes him
>seem paranoid to all who encounter him. He has lost his wife in a training
>accident ( Anaheim was testing their new GM II Commando when the MS's
>reactor blew, cremating Nina and everything in a three-mile radius of the
>MS). He is ostrisized by many of his fellow officers because they still
>blame him for "Delaz's drop". And, worst of all, he is refused reassignment
>to the Titans because of his.....past dealing with Bosque Ohm.
> When he and his fellow pilots hear of the 30 Bunch Incident , Kou and the
>pilots on the base who agree with him go wild, revolt against the
>Federation, and decide to take action. He and the base personnel steal a
>prototype Rick Dias,and all of the GM Customs and GM Cannon IIs they can
>carry from the hangar and load them onto two old OYW Pegasus-class ships.
>Naming the ships "Nueva Albion" (yeah...real original) and "Stormhawk", he
>and the base personnel decide to go to the AEUG. The AEUG considers the
>group too extreme in their viewpoint ("The best Titan is a Dead Titan"),
>Brex Forra tells them that they cannot join, and then tells Kou in private
>that some men in the AEUG also blame him for failing to stop "Delaz's
>Not wanted by either side, he (along with some extremist AEUG members)
>decide to wage their own war against the Titans. But they do not want to
>there, they want the whole Federation Security Council dead. And they are
>willing to do ANYTHING to accomplish their goals.
> Enter our new hero, Lieutenant Colonel Duncan Green. Famous leader of the
>Federation army's "Yellow Serpent" special operations group of the One Year
>War and Master P. Rayer's half-brother, he is given the assignment of
>"terminating" this rogue element. Forming a new "Yellow Serpent", he and
>highly trained men have two goals: stop Uraki and to discover if the
>of the Titans having a new Gundam are true. If so.....destroy it at all
>costs, before all out war between the Titans, AEUG and Fed break out!
>Well, that is what I want to do. Give me some input, guys. Do you think it
>could work? (finally, a Gundam story with almost nothing but GM action)Do
>you think it is silly? (I am going to write it anyway...but share your
>feelings with me!) And give me some extras plot ideas to add in without
>things getting silly. Thank you all!
>SEIG ZEON~!!!!!!!
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