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Hello, all! I have a fanfic idea, so give me your input on it.

     The Premise

  The time is UC 0086 (or 0087...not decided yet. Help me decide).
Lieutenent Junior Grade Kou Uraki is stationed at EFND (Earth Forces Naval
Depot) Patamoir, near the ruins of Washington, DC. (yes...I created a base
for this). Kou is not a happy man. His hatred for everything Zeon makes him
seem paranoid to all who encounter him. He has lost his wife in a training
accident ( Anaheim was testing their new GM II Commando when the MS's
reactor blew, cremating Nina and everything in a three-mile radius of the
MS). He is ostrisized by many of his fellow officers because they still
blame him for "Delaz's drop". And, worst of all, he is refused reassignment
to the Titans because of his.....past dealing with Bosque Ohm.

  When he and his fellow pilots hear of the 30 Bunch Incident , Kou and the
pilots on the base who agree with him go wild, revolt against the
Federation, and decide to take action. He and the base personnel steal a
prototype Rick Dias,and all of the GM Customs and GM Cannon IIs they can
carry from the hangar and load them onto two old OYW Pegasus-class ships.
Naming the ships "Nueva Albion" (yeah...real original) and "Stormhawk", he
and the base personnel decide to go to the AEUG. The AEUG considers the
group too extreme in their viewpoint ("The best Titan is a Dead Titan"), and
Brex Forra tells them that they cannot join, and then tells Kou in private
that some men in the AEUG also blame him for failing to stop "Delaz's drop".
Not wanted by either side, he (along with some extremist AEUG members)
decide to wage their own war against the Titans. But they do not want to end
there, they want the whole Federation Security Council dead. And they are
willing to do ANYTHING to accomplish their goals.

  Enter our new hero, Lieutenant Colonel Duncan Green. Famous leader of the
Federation army's "Yellow Serpent" special operations group of the One Year
War and Master P. Rayer's half-brother, he is given the assignment of
"terminating" this rogue element. Forming a new "Yellow Serpent", he and his
highly trained men have two goals: stop Uraki and to discover if the rumours
of the Titans having a new Gundam are true. If so.....destroy it at all
costs, before all out war between the Titans, AEUG and Fed break out!

Well, that is what I want to do. Give me some input, guys. Do you think it
could work? (finally, a Gundam story with almost nothing but GM action)Do
you think it is silly? (I am going to write it anyway...but share your
feelings with me!) And give me some extras plot ideas to add in without
things getting silly. Thank you all!

SEIG ZEON~!!!!!!!

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