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<< Thanks for the info. I asked the Kou question 'cause I am thinking about....well, I'll just start another post!>>

Well, there's no way in hell he'd ever have any interest in joining the Titans, nor would they ever have him. I think the AEUG is really only for "cool" pilots, and Kou most definitely is not "cool" so he need not apply. Besides, he'd really whine since he didnt have a Gundam to, I mean fly.

I like to think that he is just a lowly Federation "target" pilot (target, not test pilot). I love to imagine that he is one of the lowly GM II pilots that get wasted by Quattro, Apori and Roberto at Green Noah, or that he is one of those poor bastards who doesn't make it onto that last Fed transport out of Jaburo.


p.s. Here's a scene for your fanfic, I hope you include it =)

KOU: but I flew the GP-03, and the GP-01!

AEUG RECRUITER: GP-03? GP-01? what are those?

KOU: They're Gundams!

AEUG RECRUITER: So you claim you flew Gundams? I don't see any record of them.

KOU: That's because the Titans erased all the records!

AEUG RECRUITER: Uh yeah, sure.

KOU: You've got to believe me. I even beat Anavel Gato!

AEUG RECRUITER: The Nightmare of Solomon? You?!

KOU: Yeah, me.

The AEUG Recruiter flails around on the floor, laughing hysterically.

AEUG RECRUITER: Oh, I guess the next thing you will tell me is that you also beat Char Aznable, the Red Comet! Hahahhahahah

KOU: Quit laughing at me! (tears begin to well up)

AEUG RECRUITER: Security, show the next "Amuro Ray", I mean, Mr. Uraki to the door.

Kou then gets tossed out into the street in Von Braun, and then goes crying like the girly man he is.


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