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Mon, 17 Jul 2000 13:17:35 -0700

>> >I just picked up the MG Sazabi and it came with the Bandai 2000 catalog
>> >which revealed the next MG to be... Ramba Ral's Zaku I! It's color scheme
>> >is very similar to the Gouf, and there are some noticeable
>>modifications to
>> >its chest area. It also comes with a 1/20 figure of the pilot, but I
>> >the coolest new accessory is the custom axe. Due in Sept for 2,500 yen.
>>The shame, the shame! When will they make a MG Gouf?!
>Well, it's one step closer.

Not any closer than when the MG Zaku II first came out...

>BTW, how many variants does that make off
>of the original Zaku mold? A Dozen? Do you think Bandai will make a
>Zaku 1.5?

Let's see...

1 MG MS-06F/J
2 MG MS-06S (Char's Custom)
3 MG MS-06R-1 (Shin Matsunaga's high mobility)
4 MG MS-06R-2 (Johnny Ridden's high mobility)
5 MG MS-06F/J Crystal
6 MG MS-06S Crystal
7 MG MS-05B (regular grunts)
8 MG MS-05B (Black Tri Star custom)
9 MG MS-06R-1A (Black Tri Star high mobility)
10 MG MS-06S Coating
11 MG MS-06F/J Coating
12 MG MS-05(B?) (Rambal Ral custom)

at this rate, we're gonna see every friggin' Giren's Greed "what-if" kits of

MG MS-14B Gelgoog (Black Tri Star high mobility)
MG MS-14B Gelgoog (Anavel Gato high mobility)
MG MS-14B Gelgoog (Shin Matsunaga high mobility)
MG MS-14B Gelgoog (Johnny Ridden high mobility)
MG MS-14B Gelgoog (Ramba Ral high mobility)

MG MS-09 Dom (Ramba Ral custom)

Basically every color variation seen in MediaWorks' Gunpla Manual 2!!!
They should release the high mobility Gyan as a MG kit instead! But that
will probably be before another dozen MG Zaku color variants get pumped out!

>Another speculation--With the Gundam 1.5, do you suppose we will
>finally get some GM variants based off it, (like the GM cannon, or GM
>light armor?)

Would be cool, but I *really* doubt we'll see a GM Light Armor... too
little gimmicks with that kid.


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