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Thanks for the info. I asked the Kou question 'cause I am thinking
about....well, I'll just start another post!

SEIG ZEON!!!!!!!!!!

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>Subject: Re: [gundam] Now, I have Questions for Mark Simmons-sama
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>M. R. Hannibal asks,
> > F91
> >
> > 1) The Fed forces fight like untrained amatuers. Where the bloody
> >are all of the veterans of Char's Counterattack (and for that
> >and Titans)? Surely SOME of them must have become Fed admirals and
> >and passed on training standards. In 30 years, the Feds became THIS
> Yeah, the Federation isn't exactly in top form at this point.
>Zabine Chareaux is - as per the F91 novels - a graduate of the Federation
>military academy, who passed his knowledge on to the CV's other (highly
>trained) pilots. Maybe he just paid a lot more attention than his
> > 2) How long did "Cosmo Babylonia" last, and how did it fall?
> Five years, as I recall, under the leadership of Berah Ronah. She
>renounced her father's "nobility doctrine", but her egalitarian government
>collapsed in civil war a few years later.
> > 3) Could the Crossbone Vanguard really have invaded Earth...and won?
> No, their forces were too teensy. But if they'd introduced the Bugs on
>Earth, well... it coulda gotten messy.
> > 0080
> >
> > 1) How many Kampfers were made? Were there any present at Solomon
> >A >Bao A Qu?
> Couldn't say. The one we see in 0080 is the only one _known_ to exist.
> > 2) Is it possible that Anaheim or the Titans salvaged the Alex?
> The Titans didn't exist for another four years. But it's possible that
>Anaheim was involved in its creation - the old HG kit manuals claimed that
>Anaheim developed the linear seat & panoramic display, and the GP03's
>cockpit design is indentical to that of the Alex. In other words, Anaheim
>may not have _needed_ to salvage the Alex. ;-)
> > 3) What would have happened if Zeon had just said "Fuck it" and
> >invaded Side 6 in force at the beginning of the war?
> They would have exterminated a potential ally, one which aided and
>supported them for the next eleven months...
> > 0083
> >
> > 1) How many Pegasus class vessels were in the Fed fleet at the end
> >the OYW? And in 0083?
> Five were built during the war; since the White Base was lost at A Bao A
>Qu, no more than four would have been around at the end. Two more were
>between 0081 and 0083.
> > 2) How many divisions of the Zeon army were left in Africa at the
> >of the OYW?
> Already discussed this one. There was one African division, the 5th
>Terrestrial Division. Given Neuen Bitter's rank, I wouldn't be surprised if
>he were actually its commander during the war.
> > 3) Did anyone from the Axis Advance Fleet really want to go help
> >kick Fed ass? What prevented them from doing so?
> The fact that then they _all_ would have died, including the Delaz Fleet
>soldiers they were supposed to rescue. It was generous - and arguably
>foolhardy - for the Federation to provide an escape route for Delaz's
>soldiers, so that they could live to fight again another day.
> > 4) This was asked before, but I still think about it: Would Kou have
> >really tried to join the AEUG, or would he have gone Titan? Why or why
> >would either have accepted him?
> Pretty darned hypothetical. Speculate away. :-)
> > CCA
> >
> > 1) When was Londo Bell formed, and were they mostly AEUG vets..or
> >Titans? And did any of the New Decides gang join them?
> It's pretty much the old AEUG crew, who had been absorbed into the
>Federation. Ironic that their job description is the same as that of the
>Titans. ;-)
> > 2) When Char exited the door, and all of those old Zeons saluted
> >were those men old Zeon generals...or just men Char picked as lackeys?
> >happened to them?
> Who knows? Could be sponsors. :-)
> > 3) What happened to the remainder of Char's forces at the end of the
> >insurrection? And could any of them have later helped in the rise of the
> >Ronah family in 30 years? And was Karozo Ronah old enough to fight with
> >Char's forces during Char's Insurrection?
> Karosso would have been Hathaway's age... kinda young. It's hard to see,
>on the other hand, why survivors of Char's forces would be interested in
>helping the Ronahs (not to mention they'd all be 50-plus at that point). At
>any rate, they'd have 30 years of downtime in which to develop other
>-- Mark
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