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> Oh yeah, heh heh. :-) Forgot how tangled all these character histories
> are...

> and Ranba Ral was 25 and already a
> uniformed military officer. If his crazy dad runs off to Earth at age,
> around 50? then that's not quite a childhood abandonment issue. :-)

Ok, I didn't know he was already in service by then, hmmm... So
he must have joined about the time of the federation Embargo, and
before they reorganized into a self defense force...

I've always had this dichotomy in my Zeon forces between the guys who
joined Zabi's army because it was the army fighting for the Zeon people's
freedom and independence, your basic flag waving patriotic type... I will
now assume Ranba Ral was one of those, not that he was ever a Zabist.

And then there are the manifest destiny future of humanity, superior race
morons who cling to Giren's coattails... basically the Zabist doctrine.

The teennage deal was more to reflect any inclination towards Char in
the years later when he meets him, if ever, would he have any personal
loyalty to him, probably not... I was trying to establish the kind of good
or bad relationship he would have with the Daikun/Mass family.


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