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<< > >10. All of UC vs. all of the Alternated Dimensions,
> with Gundam Wing rules
> >and physics.
 The coup-de-grace....
 UC's got:
 The Nu HWS, Sazabi, Zeta II, FAZZ, GP03, GP02,
 Superior Gundam, Super Gundam, F90 series, F91,
 V2Assaultbuster, G-3 Gundam, The Psycho Gundams, the
 Ziels, The colony laser, Axis, La Vie en Rose, Ahgama,
 Near Agama.... that's basically:
 Lond Bell, AEUG, EARTH FED, ZION, Delaz Fleet, Neo
 Zion, Titans, New Decides, Crossbone Vangaurd, League
 Militia, Zanscare Empire, Oldsmobile, and a bunch of
 Altiverse has got:
 God Gundam, Wing Zero Custom, Tallgeese III, Devil
 Gundam, Ultimate Gundam, The shuffle alliance (old and
 new), GX-Falcon and company (ever notice that most of
 these guys are teams?), Turn-A (shudder)...
 Which constitutes:
 the entire forces in the Gundam Fight (how many
 again?!) the Devil Army, OZ, White Fang, Preventers,
 The teams in X and A...
 The major arts of the battle will not be the
 one-on-ones of the series heads but their respective
 armies. the AC team takes the initial lead with the
 opening blow of a colony drop (this however will be
 stopped by the Gundam X and Wing Zero) the fragments
 ought to take out a good sum of the Altiverse forces
 (Hey, you in the Leo... look up).
 The Gundam fighters will definitely overun the normal
 troops of Neo/Zion, Earth Fed, titans/new decides,
 aeug. Oldmobile will take a one shot potshot on
 Altiverse's forces before thier cannon screws up.
 The main battle will ensue with tons of mobile dolls,
 a few remaining Gundam fighters against the UC armies.
 Between all these, a one-on-one
 my-gun-is-bigger-than-yours-duel will be held between
 Zabi's colony laser and the G-Falcon (Heero -again-
 interrupts the battle in X's favor). But he's bound to
 get trashed by Amuro on the Nu before he could even
 see the funnels. Puru, Four, Puru Two, Hamaan, Ni, Ru,
 Camille and Judo ought to take several Wing, g-units,
 X, TurnA people out before taking enough damages for
 them to retire. Meanwhile, Bright still has to figure
 out what to do with the devil gundam which has
 infested the Axis (so much for THAT plan). titans
 argue between themselves wheter they really have
 enough gas for earth (they don't). Char would
 definitely be babysitting Gato and his nuclear
 payload, which they fire on Dumon. the God Gundam has
 other things in mind. After the nuke... it glows gold.
 Unified newtype thought transfer: "damn... you
 shouldn't have done that."
 Between the lunar cannon, twin buster rifle and the
 God finger, the UC team will have to rely on thier
 newtypes (Amuro, Char, Kamiyu and Scirroco comes to
 mind) to kill the series aces.
 Eventually, it all boils down to a battle of the loyal
 UC fans and the "Wing isn't the first gundam?"-fans.
 And its up to the "I like UC and AC" fans to arbitrize
I visualized that it was so good.

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