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<< How George Lucas would have done 0079 Mobile Suit

Zabi: (turns around to see char behind him) i see you
have come.
Char: (holds out a gun) you killed my father.
Zabi: (looks at Char) I have a secret to tell you.
Char: ?!
Zabi: I did not kill your father.
Char: (obviously surprised) what?!
Zabi: Cassoval, I AM YOUR FATHER. now join me and the
emperor in the dark side and we will rule the
universe!!! gwa-hahahahahahaha!


Maybe the George Lucas of the late 70's would have done it that way, but not the George Lucas of 1999-2000.
No, if George Lucas did Gundam it would go something like this...

aboard the White Base...

AMURO: Bright-o Kan-cho, General Revil was talking about Newtypes, what exactly are "Newtypes"?

BRIGHT: Newtypes are humans with special sensory powers. That happens because they are symbionts with these microscopic creatures called 'midichlorians', who help boost psychic potential.

AMURO: Midichlorians? I don't understand.

BRIGHT: Don't worry, young Amuro, you will.


Later, Amuro blasting Zeons in his Gundam



Char's screentime would be reduced to 15 minutes of some very cool fight scenes, while Kai Shiden would be replaced by a foolish alien sidekick who would always get in the way and be a constant and annoying distraction to the story.

..there's probably more, but I really don't want to think about it.


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