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the questoin remains.. would Ral have thrown in with Char/Casval if he
had decided to make his claim for hier ot the Daikun denisty during the
OYW? if promotion were al he wa gunning for then why would he go out
with such a bang?


Mark Simmons wrote:
> Leslie points out,
> > never met? then how did Ral recognize Anastasia Daikun? (Sayla Mass)
> Oh yeah, heh heh. :-) Forgot how tangled all these character histories
> are...
> Paul Fields ponders,
> > Ranba Ral probably knew
> > them from before the purge, and being a little older, remebered a
> > bit more from that time than Char, or Salyia did. However with a
> > father running off in his teens, Ranba Ral slid right into Zabi hype
> > and joined the Zeon military.
> He was past his teens at that point - when the kids were spirited away in
> UC 0069, Cassval was 10, Artesia was 7, and Ranba Ral was 25 and already a
> uniformed military officer. If his crazy dad runs off to Earth at age, what,
> around 50? then that's not quite a childhood abandonment issue. :-)
> In original Gundam, Ral's main concern is working his way up the ladder;
> he doesn't seem to give a damn about Garma, he just wants that sweet
> promotion. He'd probably forgotten all about the Daikun kids until he runs
> into Sayla.
> Given that Ral was a working adult in 0069, he was probably perfectly
> capable of running off to Earth with his dad if he'd really been that
> concerned about it...
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