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> Now, for a bit of 08th MS Team spoiler space..
> S
> P
> O
> I
> L
> E
> R
> S
> P
> A
> C
> E
> Okay, the wallscroll in question has the Ez-8 in a
> terribly thrashed state collapsed in a snowfield,
> with Shiro walking away down on the right side.
> Where's this pic from the series though, since I
> can't think of any point it could have happened. The

> only time he was in a snowy area, it was in his
> RX-79G, and the damage wasn't anything like this.
> Then when his Ez-8 gets toasted, it loses a whole
> arm, and this picture clearly shows fragments of
> arms. So am I on crack and this actually happenned
> the series, or is this just a nice piece of
> or is there some other explanation?

Answer: this is just a nice piece of artwork. :)

Since you haven't watched the entire 08 OVA, I think I
shouldn't give away the plot here :) but I can tell
you that Ez8 poster you saw was to promote 08's
episode 11 (The Shaking Mountain [part 2]), which is
also the 'final' episode for the OVA if you don't
count the special epilogue "The Last Resort". All I
can say is, Both Shiroh and his Ez8 fared somewhat
differently in the finale than what was shown on the
poster. Anyway, that's one of the best 08 poster I've
seen. Don't you think?


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