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Leslie points out,

> never met? then how did Ral recognize Anastasia Daikun? (Sayla Mass)

  Oh yeah, heh heh. :-) Forgot how tangled all these character histories

Paul Fields ponders,

> Ranba Ral probably knew
> them from before the purge, and being a little older, remebered a
> bit more from that time than Char, or Salyia did. However with a
> father running off in his teens, Ranba Ral slid right into Zabi hype
> and joined the Zeon military.

  He was past his teens at that point - when the kids were spirited away in
UC 0069, Cassval was 10, Artesia was 7, and Ranba Ral was 25 and already a
uniformed military officer. If his crazy dad runs off to Earth at age, what,
around 50? then that's not quite a childhood abandonment issue. :-)

  In original Gundam, Ral's main concern is working his way up the ladder;
he doesn't seem to give a damn about Garma, he just wants that sweet
promotion. He'd probably forgotten all about the Daikun kids until he runs
into Sayla.

  Given that Ral was a working adult in 0069, he was probably perfectly
capable of running off to Earth with his dad if he'd really been that
concerned about it...

-- Mark

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