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Ok guys you got the wrong Ral...

>...Was he on Char's side? What I mean is, did he know of Char's plan to
assasinate the Zabis, >and would he have aided him had he had the chance?
I've seen the three movies but I'm >wondering if there is more to Ranba's
friendship with Char. I'm asking because I'm writing an >alternate history
fanfic in which Char creates his own faction.

Zinba Ral, was Ranba Ral's father, he took Cassval, and Artesia
Daikun off planet while the Zabis were purging Zeon loyalists, he
bought the Mass name somewhere, and renamed the children to
Edouard (Edward) and Salyia Mass. Ranba Ral probably knew
them from before the purge, and being a little older, remebered a
bit more from that time than Char, or Salyia did. However with a
father running off in his teens, Ranba Ral slid right into Zabi hype
and joined the Zeon military. Now think about the neighbors kids
when you were thirteen, they moved away, maybe you recognize
the girl, but you aren't gonna hurry up and join the other ones new
anti-Zabi faction are you?

Char's big faction draw comes later when he announces he is the
son of spacenoid hero Zeon Daikun, and is advocating freedom
for the spacenoids, and trash talks the Titans who'd been beating
spacenoids senseless since 0084... I think a lot of people would
have been ready to listen to that message, but Ranba Ral was too
dead by then to do anything about it.


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