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>>>>>does it say if it's a transformable? i know it most probably is, but
if I
>>rememebr, there is a FAZZ version which doesn't transform....
>>According to HLJ and everything I've heard it isn't transformable.
>but is the FAZZ MG non-transformable? I know the 1/144 fazz isn't, since I
>have that kit.

We could make a couple of assumptions, based on the fact that the FAZZ
can't be built as the regular ZZ:

The armor isn't removable, therefore...
It can't transform.

However, there is another possibility. The FAZZ from the series is based on
the "Enhanced" ZZ:

although I believe the Sentinel version isn't:

Since the HLJ description says the FAZZ can't be made into the regular ZZ,
it may actually be the Enhanced ZZ with add-on armor. I'll freely admit,
however, that this is pure speculation.


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