Burke Rukes (god_of_gundams@hotmail.com)
Mon, 17 Jul 2000 12:18:55 CDT

>I wan't a good clean fight, and some reasons! Let's get it on!
>1. Char in the Sazabi vs. Zechs in the Nightengale.

Char, without a doubt. Newtype vs. oldtype-clone-wannabe... you figure it
out. :)

>2. Hiro in the Nu Gundam vs. Amuro in the Zeta.

Once again, Hiro would hold his own for awile, but Amuro's Newtype skills
would allow him to kick his ass royally... and that's WITHOUT considering
the Zeta's bio-sensor!

>3. Duo in the GP03 Dendrobidium (However it is spelled) vs. Domon in the
>Nether Gundam.

Is this fight physically possible? Isn't the Nether stuck on this ground
with its hurricane-inducing whirlwind gimmick, with the Dendrobium stuck in
space? Dunno about this one...

>4. Camille Vidan in the MA Asparus vs. Kou Ouraiki (I don't care) suicide
>bombing a colony.

Camille would just get up out of the hospital bed, go running down the
street screaming "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" (ZZ joke, for
those of you who haven't seen that series) and Kou would die a deservedly
explosive death as the colony destroyed the city. The Asparagus would never
make it off the ground. :)

>5. A Mobile Doll Virgo 3 vs. a Dom.

Dom. No doubt. Much more maneuverable on the ground... slip right in and
SLICE!!! goes the heat saber.

>6. A Leo piloted by Howard vs. Amuro's Dad in a Zaku.

Howard. Not only does he look cooler with that goofy Hawaiian shirt and
those ZZ-top-issue Cheap Sunglasses (TM), but Tem Ray would be too busy
screwing around with "experiments" on the Zaku's electronics that he would
screw up the Zaku entirely and Howard would kick his sorry tale back to the
junkyard on Side 6. :P

>7. White Base and it's crew including Amuro and Kai vs. Peacemillion and
>Libra, piloted by Howard on Peacemillion and Zechs and Quinz on Libra.

White Base. Anyone who can shake off half the entire friggin' Zeon military
AND its entire Newtype Corps can blow off a few idealistic, egotistical
maniacs in a couple of battleships.

>8. Maganacs lead by Rasid vs. Black Trinary.


>9. Zugock vs. Cancer and Gemini.

Zugock. It can stay in the fight a lot longer with its beam weapons, not to
mention go ashore to get away if necessary. The Cancer and Gemini are stuck
in the water with limited torpedo magazines.

>10. All of UC vs. all of the Alternated Dimensions, with Gundam Wing rules
>and physics.

Newtypes! Newtypes! Newtypes! That's the whole KEY here! UC wins
hands-down. But man, will it be a MESSY war! ^_^

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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