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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >> Char is a better pilot than Zechs,
> >exscuse me but.. Zechs DID tame the TallGeese, that's gotta be worth
> >something
> > plus the
> >> pschoframe on the sasabi will be utilized. Zechs only
> >> has a spaceheart, that's not a substitute for newtype.
> >true, Zechs needs the Zero system or a UC equivilent that gives
> >Pseudo-newtype abilities to an oldtype
> uh, no. the idea here is no qualifiers, just the man and the mecha.
> so...char wins by virtue of having newtype skills to activate the bits of
> his sazabi, which zechs can't do with the nightingale.
> >> > >2. Hiro in the Nu Gundam vs. Amuro in the Zeta.
> >> >
> >> Amuro. Hiro will be too busy looking for a godamn
> >> selfdestruct switch (not to mention busy asking the
> >> pscyhoframe for an "answer") while Amuro goes like
> >> "who is this loser?"
> >*see above* honestly, these people think everybody who can pull a flashy
> >move in an MS is de facto a newtype, keep the wing boys outta the
> >psychommu stuff
> uhm...Amuro IS a Newtype. and the nu gundam will be underutilized because
> Heero would not be able to activate the funnels, while Amuro can use his
> newtype skills to go into super overdrive with the Zeta. besides, have you
> seen Amuro fight? I do believe he is just about as dirty a fighter as
> heero is...or worse.
with reguard to newtype.. that's what i ment. Amuro is a newtype and
Heero isn't.. why do people who make up these fights keep putting the
non-newtypes in MS with Psychommu and psychommu derivative systems?

> >> > >5. A Mobile Doll Virgo 3 vs. a Dom.
> >> both on auto pilot? Virgo. Its made of lunar alloy
> >> (gundanium!)
> >no, Gundanium, Gundarium is luna titanium, either way the Virgo is a
> >superior machine tech-wise
> I have to agree on this. only a really good dom pilot....or Char's dom
> with that BFG, can have a chance of winning.
> >> > >6. A Leo piloted by Howard vs. Amuro's Dad in a
> >> > Zaku.
> >> Tem can pilot, Howard's an engineer. Tem Rey wins.
> >is this before or after Tem's becoming a brain-damaged loony?
> hmmm...I suppose being loony is not a limitation, considering how
> dysfunctional AC AND UC pilots are...
true.. true :>


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