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>> > >7. White Base and it's crew including Amuro and Kai vs. Peacemillion and
>> > >Libra, piloted by Howard on Peacemillion and Zechs and Quinz on Libra.
>> > white base crew wins. anuro is the key.
>> Mirai would know where they were going to shoot, and be out of the way too.
>> Remember Amuro wasn't the only NT aboard WhiteBase... Matter of factly, if
>> Bright Noah hadn't drunk the coffee he too may have become Newtype, all the
>> other crew members, sans Ryu (dead) and Sleggar (dead) either showed the NT
>> perception at one time or another, or heard Amuro's voice in their head at
>> the
>> end... all except Bright Noah, who drank the LAST cup of coffee on the
>> in
>> one of the early episodes.
>> To beat that you need a ship sized Zero system.
>> Paul
>which the Libra has.. to control/coordinate it's mobile dolls.. hey was
>htis fight just a cap-ship engagement or do you include all ship's
>normal compliment's of mobile weapons (Mobile suits and dolls and
>Gundams) as well?

it comes down to a question of how precisely the Zero system can compensate
for the newtype factor.

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