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>> Char is a better pilot than Zechs,
>exscuse me but.. Zechs DID tame the TallGeese, that's gotta be worth
> plus the
>> pschoframe on the sasabi will be utilized. Zechs only
>> has a spaceheart, that's not a substitute for newtype.
>true, Zechs needs the Zero system or a UC equivilent that gives
>Pseudo-newtype abilities to an oldtype

uh, no. the idea here is no qualifiers, just the man and the mecha.
so...char wins by virtue of having newtype skills to activate the bits of
his sazabi, which zechs can't do with the nightingale.

>> > >2. Hiro in the Nu Gundam vs. Amuro in the Zeta.
>> >
>> Amuro. Hiro will be too busy looking for a godamn
>> selfdestruct switch (not to mention busy asking the
>> pscyhoframe for an "answer") while Amuro goes like
>> "who is this loser?"
>*see above* honestly, these people think everybody who can pull a flashy
>move in an MS is de facto a newtype, keep the wing boys outta the
>psychommu stuff

uhm...Amuro IS a Newtype. and the nu gundam will be underutilized because
Heero would not be able to activate the funnels, while Amuro can use his
newtype skills to go into super overdrive with the Zeta. besides, have you
seen Amuro fight? I do believe he is just about as dirty a fighter as
heero is...or worse.

>> > >5. A Mobile Doll Virgo 3 vs. a Dom.
>> both on auto pilot? Virgo. Its made of lunar alloy
>> (gundanium!)
>no, Gundanium, Gundarium is luna titanium, either way the Virgo is a
>superior machine tech-wise

I have to agree on this. only a really good dom pilot....or Char's dom
with that BFG, can have a chance of winning.

>> > >6. A Leo piloted by Howard vs. Amuro's Dad in a
>> > Zaku.
>> Tem can pilot, Howard's an engineer. Tem Rey wins.
>is this before or after Tem's becoming a brain-damaged loony?

hmmm...I suppose being loony is not a limitation, considering how
dysfunctional AC AND UC pilots are...

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