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Ahh, back from A7, and I'm glad to say Gundam was reasonably well
represented. With showings of 08th MS Team, Char's Counterattack, and
Gundam Wing, along with many of the dealers stocking Gundam goods, I was
able to come out with some nice swag.
For a mere 25$canadian (thats what, 18$us?), I got me a HCM RX-178 (I'm
assuming its the resissue, any way to tell?). Also got a nice 08th MS Wall
Scroll (see below for a spoilerish question on this one), a little book
with 08th MS team info (about the size of one of those garfield comic
books, with the Ez8 on the cover) which I seem to have left at the place I
crashed this weekend (noooooo).
I also got to talk to a few fellow Gundam fans in the display room, where
I saw a terribly nifty book called, I believe, The Gundam Design Works,
which was chock full of mecha art, concept art, etc. Amazing book. I must
get me a copy. Also spoke to someone who had a burned CD with all of the
Gundam images from the old Venica archive, so he should be contacting me
and providing me with anything Wing Zero doesn't already have. Hmm ...
finally got to drool on a copy of the MS Encyclopedia 98 (why oh why is it
always backordered whenever I order it).

oOh, and the absolute highlight of the whole weekend was getting to see
good quality fansubs of the first two episodes of Excel Saga. This is the
msot twisted show I've ever seen, and easily the best "new" anime series
I've seen in a long, long time. It's positively brilliant, even if gaijin
such as myself will miss many of the in-jokes. This is a show to watch if
its ever playing at a 'con near you.

The only bit of Gundam I got to watch was 08th, but it only reaffirmed my
love for the series. Really well animated, great takes on classic designs,
and really, what's cooler than Gundams in the jungle? Shiro also seems to
be more of a genuinely good character now, my third time through it. He
definately doesn't fit the mould of any previous Gundam pilot, and he's
got the whole leadership thing down pretty good. I quite like 'em.

Now, for a bit of 08th MS Team spoiler space..


Okay, the wallscroll in question has the Ez-8 in a terribly thrashed state
collapsed in a snowfield, with Shiro walking away down on the right side.
Where's this pic from the series though, since I can't think of any point
it could have happened. The only time he was in a snowy area, it was in
his RX-79G, and the damage wasn't anything like this. Then when his Ez-8
gets toasted, it loses a whole arm, and this picture clearly shows
fragments of both arms.
So am I on crack and this actually happenned in the series, or is this
just a nice piece of artwork, or is there some other explanation?

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