M. R. Hannibal (saiyajin11@hotmail.com)
Mon, 17 Jul 2000 14:44:27 GMT

Good morning, old chaps! After spending the weekend re-watching a few
things, a few questions sprand to my mind . Well....here they are:


     1) The Fed forces fight like untrained amatuers. Where the bloody hell
are all of the veterans of Char's Counterattack (and for that matter...AEUG
and Titans)? Surely SOME of them must have become Fed admirals and generals,
and passed on training standards. In 30 years, the Feds became THIS sloppy?

     2) How long did "Cosmo Babylonia" last, and how did it fall?

     3) Could the Crossbone Vanguard really have invaded Earth...and won?


     1) How many Kampfers were made? Were there any present at Solomon and A
Bao A Qu?

     2) Is it possible that Anaheim or the Titans salvaged the Alex?

     3) What would have happened if Zeon had just said "Fuck it" and invaded
Side 6 in force at the beginning of the war?


     1) How many Pegasus class vessels were in the Fed fleet at the end of
the OYW? And in 0083?

     2) How many divisions of the Zeon army were left in Africa at the end
of the OYW?

     3) Did anyone from the Axis Advance Fleet really want to go help Delaz
kick Fed ass? What prevented them from doing so?

     4) This was asked before, but I still think about it: Would Kou have
really tried to join the AEUG, or would he have gone Titan? Why or why not
would either have accepted him?


     1) When was Londo Bell formed, and were they mostly AEUG vets..or
Titans? And did any of the New Decides gang join them?

     2) When Char exited the door, and all of those old Zeons saluted him,
were those men old Zeon generals...or just men Char picked as lackeys? What
happened to them?

     3) What happened to the remainder of Char's forces at the end of the
insurrection? And could any of them have later helped in the rise of the
Ronah family in 30 years? And was Karozo Ronah old enough to fight with
Char's forces during Char's Insurrection?

Well, I have a few more....but I shall wait until these are answered!

SEIG ZEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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