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Soimichiro Watanabe wrote:
> > >I wan't a good clean fight, and some reasons! Let's
> > get it on!
> > >1. Char in the Sazabi vs. Zechs in the Nightengale.
> >
> Char is a better pilot than Zechs,

exscuse me but.. Zechs DID tame the TallGeese, that's gotta be worth

 plus the
> pschoframe on the sasabi will be utilized. Zechs only
> has a spaceheart, that's not a substitute for newtype.

true, Zechs needs the Zero system or a UC equivilent that gives
Pseudo-newtype abilities to an oldtype

> >
> > >2. Hiro in the Nu Gundam vs. Amuro in the Zeta.
> >
> Amuro. Hiro will be too busy looking for a godamn
> selfdestruct switch (not to mention busy asking the
> pscyhoframe for an "answer") while Amuro goes like
> "who is this loser?"

*see above* honestly, these people think everybody who can pull a flashy
move in an MS is de facto a newtype, keep the wing boys outta the
psychommu stuff

> > >4. Camille Vidan in the MA Asparus vs. Kou Ouraiki
> > (I don't care) suicide
> >
> Kamiyu. Kou sucks.

*pbbbbbbbtttttt* :P

> >
> > >5. A Mobile Doll Virgo 3 vs. a Dom.
> >
> both on auto pilot? Virgo. Its made of lunar alloy
> (gundanium!)

no, Gundanium, Gundarium is luna titanium, either way the Virgo is a
superior machine tech-wise

> >
> > >6. A Leo piloted by Howard vs. Amuro's Dad in a
> > Zaku.
> >
> Tem can pilot, Howard's an engineer. Tem Rey wins.

is this before or after Tem's becoming a brain-damaged loony?

> > >7. White Base and it's crew including Amuro and Kai
> > vs. Peacemillion and
> > >Libra, piloted by Howard on Peacemillion and Zechs
> > and Quinz on Libra.
> If its just the ships, Bright might have trouble
> avoiding the libra cannon while the peacemillion bugs
> him. But considering the White Base's mobility
> compared to libra, He'll just have to focus on the
> Peacemillion. He might even get the Libra to blow up
> the peacemillion.
> > >8. Maganacs lead by Rasid vs. Black Trinary.
> >
> ??????
> >
> > >9. Zugock vs. Cancer and Gemini.
> >
> ???????
> > >10. All of UC vs. all of the Alternated Dimensions,
> > with Gundam Wing rules
> >
> > >and physics.
> The coup-de-grace....
> UC's got:
> The Nu HWS, Sazabi, Zeta II, FAZZ, GP03, GP02,
> Superior Gundam, Super Gundam, F90 series, F91,
> V2Assaultbuster, G-3 Gundam, The Psycho Gundams, the
> Ziels, The colony laser, Axis, La Vie en Rose, Ahgama,
> Near Agama.... that's basically:
> Lond Bell, AEUG, EARTH FED, ZION, Delaz Fleet, Neo
> Zion, Titans, New Decides, Crossbone Vangaurd, League
> Militia, Zanscare Empire, Oldsmobile, and a bunch of
> others...
> Altiverse has got:
> God Gundam, Wing Zero Custom, Tallgeese III, Devil
> Gundam, Ultimate Gundam, The shuffle alliance (old and
> new), GX-Falcon and company (ever notice that most of
> these guys are teams?), Turn-A (shudder)...
> Which constitutes:
> the entire forces in the Gundam Fight (how many
> again?!) the Devil Army, OZ, White Fang, Preventers,
> The teams in X and A...
> The major arts of the battle will not be the
> one-on-ones of the series heads but their respective
> armies. the AC team takes the initial lead with the
> opening blow of a colony drop (this however will be
> stopped by the Gundam X and Wing Zero) the fragments
> ought to take out a good sum of the Altiverse forces
> (Hey, you in the Leo... look up).
> The Gundam fighters will definitely overun the normal
> troops of Neo/Zion, Earth Fed, titans/new decides,
> aeug. Oldmobile will take a one shot potshot on
> Altiverse's forces before thier cannon screws up.
> The main battle will ensue with tons of mobile dolls,
> a few remaining Gundam fighters against the UC armies.
> Between all these, a one-on-one
> my-gun-is-bigger-than-yours-duel will be held between
> Zabi's colony laser and the G-Falcon (Heero -again-
> interrupts the battle in X's favor). But he's bound to
> get trashed by Amuro on the Nu before he could even
> see the funnels. Puru, Four, Puru Two, Hamaan, Ni, Ru,
> Camille and Judo ought to take several Wing, g-units,
> X, TurnA people out before taking enough damages for
> them to retire. Meanwhile, Bright still has to figure
> out what to do with the devil gundam which has
> infested the Axis (so much for THAT plan). titans
> argue between themselves wheter they really have
> enough gas for earth (they don't). Char would
> definitely be babysitting Gato and his nuclear
> payload, which they fire on Dumon. the God Gundam has
> other things in mind. After the nuke... it glows gold.
> Unified newtype thought transfer: "damn... you
> shouldn't have done that."
> Between the lunar cannon, twin buster rifle and the
> God finger, the UC team will have to rely on thier
> newtypes (Amuro, Char, Kamiyu and Scirroco comes to
> mind) to kill the series aces.
> Eventually, it all boils down to a battle of the loyal
> UC fans and the "Wing isn't the first gundam?"-fans.
> And its up to the "I like UC and AC" fans to arbitrize
> ~that was one worthless rant...
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