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> >7. White Base and it's crew including Amuro and Kai vs. Peacemillion and
> >Libra, piloted by Howard on Peacemillion and Zechs and Quinz on Libra.
> white base crew wins. anuro is the key.

Mirai would know where they were going to shoot, and be out of the way too.
Remember Amuro wasn't the only NT aboard WhiteBase... Matter of factly, if
Bright Noah hadn't drunk the coffee he too may have become Newtype, all the
other crew members, sans Ryu (dead) and Sleggar (dead) either showed the NT
perception at one time or another, or heard Amuro's voice in their head at
end... all except Bright Noah, who drank the LAST cup of coffee on the ship,
one of the early episodes.

To beat that you need a ship sized Zero system.


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