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>I just picked up the MG Sazabi and it came with the Bandai 2000 catalog
>which revealed the next MG to be... Ramba Ral's Zaku I! It's color scheme
>is very similar to the Gouf, and there are some noticeable modifications to
>its chest area. It also comes with a 1/20 figure of the pilot, but I think
>the coolest new accessory is the custom axe. Due in Sept for 2,500 yen.

egadz! yet another thing to add to my list, LOL! I think my wallet is
about to scream bloody murder. on the plus side, it will come with a cool
sword and the axe.

>Also in the catalog, actual pictures of the MG FAZZ and MG Dunbine. The
>FAZZ looks quite impressive, I had my doubts about this kit before but after
>seeing the pictures I will most likely get it. The proportions of the MG
>Dunbine look quite similar to the smaller scaled HG version, but that's not
>necessarily a bad thing.

does it say if it's a transformable? i know it most probably is, but if I
rememebr, there is a FAZZ version which doesn't transform....

>As for the Sazabi, this thing is sweet. The box is the same size as the PG
>Gundam/Zaku box, and the inside is split into three sections holding three
>stacks of runners. The pictures show that it is quite flexible, and a
>cursory scan through the parts shows that the kit is very detailed overall -
>practically everything seems to be molded in the appropriate color, down to
>the yellow inside portions of the thrusters. 8,000 yen is a little steep,
>but worth it in this case.

how much internal detail is there?

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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