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Mon, 17 Jul 2000 00:01:36 -0400

Mark Simmons wrote:

> >MS-06D
> >MS-06K
> Some recent publications claim that these were introduced circa May
> 0079, though this doesn't mesh with the classic MSV books & kit manuals,
> which indicate that these Zaku variants drew on Gouf technology (i.e. for
> the leg thrusters) and that the K type was based on reports of the
> Federation's Guncannon. In particular, the old MSV books indicate that
> the Zaku Cannon didn't enter battle until at least October 0079.

BTW, any explaination for the MS-06K seen in 08th MS Team, or MS-06K2 as I'd like
to call it. Local kitbash maybe?


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