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Jim Dulhunty asks,

>Does anyone know when the following MS came into service:

  Various accounts here - Hobby Japan's Gundam RPG, for one, cites some
implausibly early introduction dates. Here's my two cents...


  Since the J type is the terrestrial twin of the F type, it was probably
introduced around the same time, i.e. circa February 0079. The classic
MSV books claim that the first couple of drop operations were mostly done
using F type Zakus, and that the J type didn't really enter combat until
the third such operation, on March 18.


  Some recent publications claim that these were introduced circa May
0079, though this doesn't mesh with the classic MSV books & kit manuals,
which indicate that these Zaku variants drew on Gouf technology (i.e. for
the leg thrusters) and that the K type was based on reports of the
Federation's Guncannon. In particular, the old MSV books indicate that
the Zaku Cannon didn't enter battle until at least October 0079.

>MS-07B (or any Gouf for that matter)

  The MSV books claim that some MS-07A units (the early model, sans
built-in weapons) participated in the third drop operation. But still,
Ranba Ral's Gouf is supposed to predate the mass-produced version, and
he's still using it in early October. I'd say that mass-production of the
Gouf might have started as late as August or September.


  The RX-79 test units were created starting in July 0079; these test GMs
would have come along a bit later. Since Sanders is still testing the [E]
type in early October, I'd say that they were probably produced in September.

-- Mark

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