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> Does anyone know when the following MS came into service:

I'm taking a stab here... Mark or -Z- might know more...
> MS-06J
> MS-06D
> MS-06K

All Terrestrial forces and Amphibious mobile suits were developed
after the invasion, so at least April of 0079 I would think... but the
Giren's Greed game has MS-06D types marching through New York
City, and we all know what kind of a desert NY is ;)

> MS-07B (or any Gouf for that matter)
> RGM-79[E]
> RGM-79[G]

These three all entered service in October... the last 2 at least prior
to October 6th 0079, Mark's timeline has the RX-79 plan begin in
July of 0079 and since the RGM-79(G) has high parts commonality
with that MS, its somewhere between 07/0079, and 10/0079... The
July date also mentions Pre-Production MS, and that is what the 'E'
type GM was, so give it the same 3 month testing window, with the
highest possibility being the week right when Garma Zabi died...

I read somewhere that the Gouf was given to troops sometime in the
first two weeks of October, like before the 10th or so... Just before
Revil crosses the Dover straight... my players SO wanted to fight MS
in the Chunnel, but even if 18 meter MS would fit, the Zeon would
just blow it up...


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