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Sun, 16 Jul 2000 23:34:45 -0400

 Anybody know of a CHEAP place to get gundam gashapon (gashopon?) "capsule
> here in the US? I *finally* scored today at two different Toys-R-Us's
> in town and completed my GWing 1/144 model set, and have the 1/100 Wing,
> Epyon, and DeathsycheH.. but its time to branch out into the OTHER Gundam
> stuff....

Ok, Bill which ones are you looking for? May I suggest these
as starting place... Once you know what you want it will be a
little easier to find it. this place has most of the sets pictures
so at least you know what the various toys look like. Its in HK
so you may not want to order them from there if you are serious
about your US requirement. Otherwise he's delivered fine for
me. Some folks had issues over his billing, but most HK dealers
have similar policies about cash, checks, money orders and so
on. They had the few pieces I was looking
for, delivered them quickly, and will sell single figures, or sets.
Unfortunately they have mostly SD stuff right now, but stock
changes. They also had Macross, and other series Gashapon
figures in addition to Gundam. These guys actually started my own
fascination with Gundam Gashapon figures, they had bought a
huge box of them before Akon 2 years ago, and I must have
gotten 20 figures that year. They only have Black Trinary Dom,
and RX-78 with shield cut in half now, but they might order a
box before a big convention again, who knows... Heroes Club is a CA
outfit I used to see mentioned in the back of all my Animags, PA
and Mecha Press, they have SD Gundam, one Zeta Gundam set
Lum, Ursei Yastsura, Captin Harlock, Godzilla, Lupin and what
not there... not a lot of Gundam stuff, but the elusive Zeta set was
all I wanted... They took a while to ship it, and when I got the box
I still was missing 1 figure, I emailled them, and they are sending
the fig soon... it was only 7 days order to delivery UPS ground,
and they ONLY ship to your billing address. Legends Toys suffers
from Bad-Web-Page disease like Rainbow 10 does, but has a
lot of series they offer... unfortunately just because they have a
picture of a set, doesn't mean its in stock... Because of that I have
not ordered anything, I sent one order, it was out of stock, and
those 2 sets were all I wanted there, YMMV...

There are also people selling them on ebay every now and then
but unless you have good luck there as a rule, don't go, I have
decided that I am not cut out for ebay, so I go places where the
prices are printed... I bought some at Another Universe once,
I forget what the Texas name of the franchise is, but they don't
have any on their website... However they got them from monthly
order from Diamond, that's where Lone Star got them too IIRC.
Every now and they I check out a Previews and go bug my local
comic guy, but the web might be your best bet...

I'm up to 38 figures right now, so I may not have the most, a
decent collector with 6 complete sets would have more... but
I hope this helps... oh, there is a place near me with the Wing
figures, but they aren't on the web so far as I know, they have
Set 1 (Gundam Wing) and Set 4 (0079, w/Wing Gundam) you
might check out Gundam Perfect Web's Gashapon page for a
complete listing of all the current lines... the set at the bottom is
number 1, and the top was 15 at the time of this writing...

If anyone else has more sources, please let ME know, or if you
know people selling singles, let me know, especially set 7 GMs.


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