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I actually read most of the older X-Men comics when my brother was
collecting them. (about 5 years ago), but he has since moved out and stopped
collecting comics. I saw this movie, in fact just got back about 20 minutes
ago, and must say that having read the comics I was very disappointed with
the changes that were made. I did overall like the movie, there were some
funny jokes thrown in, but would have liked more effort put in to please the
older fans. I guess you can't win em all ^-^

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> << Well, it sounds like you're in pretty much the same category as me (I
> collected X-Men for a few years about 5 years ago) and I enjoyed it. >>
> Well, I don't collect comics at all, but I am aware of the X-Men and their
> importance in the comic universer. I thought the movie totally KICKED ASS.
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