Chris Maier (
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 22:24:29 -0400

Thought you guys would like to know about the custom job I did for my Rose Gundam 1/144 model kit. First, I applied gold to several areas, including the yellow areas previously covered by stickers, to give a kit a kind of shine(I also did this to the lance) Areas I did this to include the elbows, chest, foot sole, those weird thingys on the legs, pelvis, V-fin, chin, and the trim of the "Coat" and "Napoleon head" Wanting to modify the kit a bit more, I decided to make this guy true to his namesake, so I used red and used it to cover all the blue areas. I also colored the upper leg red and the sword handle red as well. It looks pretty good so far, not the best paint job though, I'm still pretty much an amateur...but it's a start. I hope to have some digital photos up at soon.


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