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I don't really like the scratchy, sketchy look too much. I prefer single,
dark lines, though I'm not so great at those myself. What's the tutorial
going to be about? Technique? Scale? Detail? Can't wait to read it
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>What medium did you use to do the sketches? Looks like pencil, but I can't
>find any lead smudges (my trademark).

Yep, it's pencil. After I scan the drawing in I use the Levels
command in Photoshop to enhance the picture. The darks are darkened
and the lights are lightened so that they disappear. In the last
sketch, the RGM-79(G) (
I only adjusted the levels a little bit so you can see all the
lighter sketchy lines. Normally, I would try to eliminate most of
these for a more finished piece.

(BTW, it seems more and more comic artists are skipping the inking
and going this route)

I've had a few requests for a tutorial so I think I'll be adding one soon.

P.S. I just did a nice Bigro drawing. Now all I need is an Azzam, and
a Grubro to finish out the classic MAs.


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