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> Subject: [gundam] *FINAL* Soundtrack Questions.
> I made up my mind. I ordered Gundam Wing Operations 1 & 2 from AnimeNation.
> It is going by UPS round, and they are currently backordered. About how long
> will it take to get here? Also, what do you people consider the best of the
> two to be?

Operation 1. It has half again the running time of Operation 2 (72 minutes to
55 minutes) and, with the exception of the long versions of the Two-Mix OP "Just
Communication" and the Rumi Ohishi ED "It's Just Love" is entirely instrumental.
Operation 2, on the other hand, has five songs sung by the G Boy voice actors
taking away a third of the total running time and just the short (90 second) TV
version of the OP and ED. The five G Boy songs are:

Cry For The Dream [Hikaru Midorikawa] (Heero Yuy)
Good Luck & Good Bye [Toshihiko Seki] (Duo Maxwell)
Clown [Shigeru Nakahara] (Trowa Barton)
I'm Your Friend [Ai Orikasa] (Quatre Laberba Winner)
Knock On Tomorrow's Door [Ryuzo Ishino] (Chang Wufei)

Operation 1 is arguably the best Gundam Wing OST, period. If I were to
recommend only one other OST to go with it, it'd be Operation S, the OST from
Endless Waltz. It, too, is 72 minutes and all instrumental with the exception
of both long and short versions of the "White Reflection" ED.

Since they're both back ordered, you may be able to cancel Operation 2 and order
Operation S....


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