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Well, I can edit existing lineart, if that's what you mean(Check out the
mecha domain's fan art section for some of the creations)
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> I have a question for the artists on the list.
> I have a MS that I've created myself, the RGA-81 GM Assault. This is a
> unique design created for the MUSH. Basically, it's a spacegoing heavy
> weapons Mobile Suit prototype. The design includes a heavy assault cannon
> (similar to the heavy gatling guns of the Heavyarms and Gundam Leopard)
> a detachable missile pod (Shoulder mounted, probably simlar to the
> Guncannon's Spray Missile Launcher.) Other weapons include a beam rifle
> a single beam saber (Bakpack stored). The Gating cannon is Backpack
> like the Leopard, rather than directly on the arm as with the Heavyarms,
> the suit, as originally designed, as Kitbashed from a Gundam Leopard 1/144
> kit. However, I would rather the suit look more like a GM with this
> equipment thn a modified Gundam Leopard.
> What I would like is if one of the artists on the list could do a lineart
> picture of this suit, as described above. Requirements include:
> the Backpak for the Cannon should look as if it fits over or around the
> regular backpack and can be jettisoned easily, yet leave the suit still
> combat worthy.
> The missile pod should be obviously be an addon.
> Under the added weapons, the suit should not be jus a stock GM, but should
> have obvious differences.
> I anyone ca do this for me, you will recieve full credit on the GundamMUSH
> website...
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