Chris Beilby (
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 19:22:24 GMT

I have a question for the artists on the list.

I have a MS that I've created myself, the RGA-81 GM Assault. This is a
unique design created for the MUSH. Basically, it's a spacegoing heavy
weapons Mobile Suit prototype. The design includes a heavy assault cannon
(similar to the heavy gatling guns of the Heavyarms and Gundam Leopard) and
a detachable missile pod (Shoulder mounted, probably simlar to the
Guncannon's Spray Missile Launcher.) Other weapons include a beam rifle and
a single beam saber (Bakpack stored). The Gating cannon is Backpack mounted
like the Leopard, rather than directly on the arm as with the Heavyarms, and
the suit, as originally designed, as Kitbashed from a Gundam Leopard 1/144
kit. However, I would rather the suit look more like a GM with this
equipment thn a modified Gundam Leopard.

What I would like is if one of the artists on the list could do a lineart
picture of this suit, as described above. Requirements include:

the Backpak for the Cannon should look as if it fits over or around the
regular backpack and can be jettisoned easily, yet leave the suit still
combat worthy.

The missile pod should be obviously be an addon.

Under the added weapons, the suit should not be jus a stock GM, but should
have obvious differences.

I anyone ca do this for me, you will recieve full credit on the GundamMUSH
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