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Just when I thought Bandai has released all the 'RX-78
Gundam' as MSiA variants (i.e., original, Tetsu
toys, Okawara's colour variation, and the soon to be
released Char's Gundam). Here is the latest two brand
new RX-78 MSiA releases (following post is taken from
Newtype Asylum's news page):

<< June 16, 2000: To celebrate the release of Wonder
Swan (Japan)'s SD Gundam G-Generation Gather Beat
pocket video game, Bandai releases a limited crystal
version of "Mobile Suit in Action" RX-78-2 Gundam
action figure (2,000 yen), which is identical to
the original RX-78-2 Gundam MSiA but featuring
transparent body parts, weapons and accessories. It is
now on sale in Hong Kong at HK$98.00 (US$12.60).

Also on sale is MSiA's RX-78-3 "G-3 Gundam" action
figure (1,000 yen), featuring a new grey color scheme
adopted from the classic MSV (Mobile Suit Variation)
model series. It is now on sale in Hong Kong at
HK$55.00 (US$7.70). >>

Here are the package covers of MSiA Gundam "crystal


and MSiA G-3 Gundam:


And I couldn't stop sweating from the scary thought of
buying so many 'RX-78 Gundam' MSiA (five so far) :)

Which makes me wonder, when will Bandai stop
re-issuing 'RX-78 Gundam' MSiA with new colours? My
bet was
high on Char's Gundam (from Giren's Greed video game),
but now I think the last one may be the dark-blue
Titans' Gundam (from Giren's Greed/Blood of Zeon video
game). What do you think?


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