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> >What do you people consider the best soundtrack, or best series music?
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> Gundam X has fine, distinctive orchestral background music as well as the most
> rocking pair of intro songs in all of Gundam ("Dreams" and "Resolution", both
> by the great J-pop band Romantic Mode, who wipe the floor with Gundam Wing's
> Two-Mix).

Whoa there buddy, Thems fightin words! ^_^ I agree that the X CD is great (Two mix
kicks ROMs ass!!! ^_^)

But the most "Rockin" Gundam intro is "Men of destiny" from 0083 (Mio forever,

As for best CD, I'd say Gundam singles history, or Gundam 0083 2 disc set. F-91
and CCA are also quite good.

> Gundam X also has the worse ending song in all of Gundam though. The
> painfully sugary, adult contemporary sound of "Human Touch". But still, my
> vote goes to Gundam X. Good stuff.

I agree totally. the japanese version, sung by a woman is a bit less painful

Brett " Kiiidoooouuu Seenshiii Gundaamuu, Gundaamuuu!" Jensen

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