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have you tried putting some lubricant??
well i dun have tat problem thou wrote:

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> << I am about half way through the construction of my PG Zeta and have hit a
> bit of a snag. I will try to explain this to the best of my abilities. The
> problem is with the Knee armor piece. This piece is supposed to rotate into
> the upper leg, and then when released, spring back into its fully upright
> position. Now this happens smooth as silk on the left leg, but it seems to
> get caught up on the right leg and needs help springing back. I have taken
> the leg apart twice now, but I fear any further disassembles will result in
> breakage of the more delicate parts.I have test fitted it to the body and it
> stands fine and transforms fine. Has anyone else had this problem? Should I
> risk a third attempt to fix it?
> Thanks
> Dave >>
> I think that it is sort of a locking mechanism, IIRC I had the same problem
> too.
> Jason
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