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Sun, 16 Jul 2000 11:21:36 -0400

> They're Gundam toys, not models but seem to go for around the same price
> MSIA's, even though they obviously aren't MSIA's. So what line are they?
> were they released? How's the quality? Do they fall apart like the MSIA
> Gundam or RX-78? Most of these are sold out at this place, does anyone
> where I can find more of these online? Thanks.

Well these are the 0083 figures by Yutaka, and they are
availaable at ehobbyland:

Probably other stores have them as well, I don't have any
MSIA figs, so I can only compare them to Gashapon figs,
the legs seem wobbly, but they aren't, the weapons don't
go onto the hands very well, but the arms will pose ok.The
heads in my experience don't move at all. At 1/2 inch more
that Gashapon figs, and twice the price, I'll keep using the
gashapon capsule toys for all my gaming needs. Though I
specifically bought Yutaka for GMs you couldn't get in the
capsule line... Since they are 1/220 scale, I might buy more
if I run my Zeta Gundam game with old 1/220 model kits.


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