D Fink (lioconvoy@home.com)
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 08:15:20 -0700

I am about half way through the construction of my PG Zeta and have hit a bit of a snag. I will try to explain this to the best of my abilities. The problem is with the Knee armor piece. This piece is supposed to rotate into the upper leg, and then when released, spring back into its fully upright position. Now this happens smooth as silk on the left leg, but it seems to get caught up on the right leg and needs help springing back. I have taken the leg apart twice now, but I fear any further disassembles will result in breakage of the more delicate parts.I have test fitted it to the body and it stands fine and transforms fine. Has anyone else had this problem? Should I risk a third attempt to fix it?



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