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> >>What do you people consider the best soundtrack, or best series music?
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> >Gundam X has fine, distinctive orchestral background music as well as
> the most
> >rocking pair of intro songs in all of Gundam ("Dreams" and "Resolution",
> both
> >by the great J-pop band Romantic Mode, who wipe the floor with Gundam
> Wing's
> >Two-Mix). Gundam X also has the worse ending song in all of Gundam
> though. The
> >painfully sugary, adult contemporary sound of "Human Touch". But still, my
> >vote goes to Gundam X. Good stuff.
>Well, let's see. I have the STs to F91, 0083, CCA, and the first volumes
>of X, Wing, and 08th MS Team, and have listened to music from some of the
>others. 0083, F91 and X are all top contenders. I'd have to say though
>that X edges the others out. However, unlike the guy above, I love the
>ending song. But it is really the first two tracks on the first volume
>that clinche it for me.

Add another voice of agreement for X. I remember enjoying a few pieces of
music off the show. So when I listened to the soundtrack, I was blown away
from the very first track. Another of my favorites is CCS. Hearing the Nu
Gundam theme sends chills up my spine. Of course there's Turn A. But I
haven't listened to it enough to get a true feel of it yet.

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