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-Z- writes,

> > for? I'm also having trouble translating the name of this new
> > Dom... it looks like MS-09F/Bn Dom Bayn Nihetz (???) but I'm
> > totally lost. The literal kana is "ba-i-n-ni-he-tsu." If anyone
> > can figure out its name for me, I'd be most appreciative...
> > particularly since my German is so rusty it crumbles upon use. :)
>"Bein" is leg, but I can't parse "nihetz" into anything meaningful. The
>match to an actual German word that I can find that makes any sense is
>(nothing). "Bein nichts" would then literally be "without leg" or
>"legless" and
>at least be descriptive, in the same sense that Full Vernian is

That would definitely make since. I guessed that the kana was trying to say
something German... why not? Just about every other Zeon MS 0079-era MS has
had a German monnicker attached to its name. ;) But "Dom Bein Nichts" sounds
good to me... and if it turns out I'm wrong, I'll just say it's all YOUR
fault. :P

>A legless Dom that mounts the torso directly onto a hovercraft would cut
>out the
>middleman insofar as the hover feet are concerned and allow Zeon to field
>units for the same cost without sacrificing performance to an unacceptable

Essentially turning the Dom Tropen into something like a Zaku Tank, but with
hoverjets instead of tank treads, huh? Keen idea... given the mobility
aspect of the hoverjets themselves, it does seem kind of pointless having
legs on a MS equipped with hoverjets. Makes you wonder why the Xamel even
had legs AT ALL...!

Thanks again!

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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