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> The improvements aren't just aesthetic. The all-new legs are vastly
>more flexible that the immobile sticks that held up the original, and you
>can actually pose this version in a manner befitting the Gundam. The
>bonus Gundam hammer is boss, though the beam javelin needs a bit of work
>(why is the tip cast in clear plastic rather than beam-saber pink?). Also
>included: Two new gun-holding hands, which should hold up better than the
>wear-prone articulated ones. Overall, I'd say it's worth trading up.

Hmmm. I guess it's time to bump this up in my to-buy list. But I really
do want to swap some parts from the MG GM onto this baby....

> Next, the HG-UC Rick Dias. This is pretty much what you'd expect from
>the line - swivel waist, good joints with no naked polycaps, movable
>skirts, et cetera. Bonus features include movable trigger finger, pop-up
>vulcan phalanx, and lots of inner detail on the shoulder joints, leg
>flares, and waist skirts. Nice colors, too. My only beef is that it
>doesn't have much ankle flexibility, so you can't do really crazy poses.

Now that's a nice kit. I think this one I will score later when I go off
to my favorite shop....if it's there.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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