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>>What do you people consider the best soundtrack, or best series music?
>Gundam X has fine, distinctive orchestral background music as well as the most
>rocking pair of intro songs in all of Gundam ("Dreams" and "Resolution", both
>by the great J-pop band Romantic Mode, who wipe the floor with Gundam Wing's
>Two-Mix). Gundam X also has the worse ending song in all of Gundam though. The
>painfully sugary, adult contemporary sound of "Human Touch". But still, my
>vote goes to Gundam X. Good stuff.

Well, let's see. I have the STs to F91, 0083, CCA, and the first volumes of X, Wing, and 08th MS Team, and have listened to music from some of the others. 0083, F91 and X are all top contenders. I'd have to say though that X edges the others out. However, unlike the guy above, I love the ending song. But it is really the first two tracks on the first volume that clinche it for me.

I'm hoping to get more STs sometime, but am not sure when I'll be able to.

Now, that is just Gundam music. If you mean out of all anime, you've just opened a big can o' worms.

Roland (who just got back from the X-Men movie and loved it)

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