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Burke, feel free to borrow my Wu Fei picture if it's good enough for the fan
art section. That's all I have on the web for now, but I'll put up more
once I get my computer fixed. Don't worry, I haven't sent it to anyone
BTW, Use "Robotick" as my name if you actually do happen to post anything of
mine on the site

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Greetings from the great Republic of Texas! The Mecha Domain's just been
updated with lots of new Gundam "Classic" and Gundam Wing files from
"Burke's All the World's Mobile Weapons"... as well as the Zeta Gundam and
Tallgeese III, by request. The biggest additions are, of course, the
generous contributions to the new Gundam Humor Page... thanks to everyone
here on the GML who allowed me to steal - did I say "steal"? I meant
"plagerize." Did I just say "plagerize"? I didn't mean that. I meant
"borrow." Yeah, that's it. - I mean "borrow" the TONS and TONS and TONS of
goofy Gundam stuff posted here. Not to mention the TONS and TONS and TONS
of email. Plus the feeble beginnings of the Fanart Gallery are up and
running... some interesting "what-if" modified color lineart, some CG/3D
artwork... it's not much, but it's a start.

I'll keep on stealing - I mean borrowing - humor from everyone here (if you
don't mind ^_^) for the next couple of weeks and have some more "Burke's"
files in the works... my next update won't be until July 28th. Got friends
from out-of-town to entertain next weekend, so I'll be a bit too busy to
update. But that won't cut back on my new file production (much). Keep the
funnies (and get some original artwork) coming, and feel free to drop a
line. Enjoy!

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

The Mecha Domain Mark-II -

"You can't fight City Hall, but you can goddamn sure blow it up!" - George

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