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Sat, 15 Jul 2000 18:57:36 CDT

Vincenzo writes,

>I have seen today the latest Hobby Japan (with a deformed SD Gundam on
>the cover). Inside, in the G-Generation article I saw a rather strange
>Dom with the upper dorso af a Dom Tropen and the lower of
>a...well...however it has
>no legs one can speak of. It is labelled as a MS-09 F/N.

Funny, I was JUST going to post an email on this very topic, and Vincenzo
beats me to the punch. :) Anyway, does anyone have any info on this new "G
Generation Gather Beat" game? What platform is it supposed to be for? I'm
also having trouble translating the name of this new Dom... it looks like
MS-09F/Bn Dom Bayn Nihetz (???) but I'm totally lost. The literal kana is
"ba-i-n-ni-he-tsu." If anyone can figure out its name for me, I'd be most
appreciative... particularly since my German is so rusty it crumbles upon
use. :) And thanks to Hobby Japan putting nice, color pics of both this new
Dom and the EZ-8 High Mobility Custom, look for'em to be up on Mecha Domain
next weekend (if I can get an update ready).

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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