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Sat, 15 Jul 2000 17:09:07 CDT

MCCOLGDEB@aol.com writes,

>Umm, these three bumper stickers are ones I mad eup. Why "annonymous?"
>Honk if you're about to be blown up. - Anonymous
>(on Trowa's Heavyarms) I spent more money on hair gel than I did on this
>Gundam. - Anonymous
>(on Heero's MS) You'll be dead before you figure out my name. - Anonymous

Well, let's see... on my humor submission guidelines, I write:

"For all submissions I receive, I will use your name/nickname for credit,
but let me know if you want your email address posted with your humor
submission. I will NOT post your email address on the site without your
permission, so if you want your email address posted so that you can get
contacted regarding your joke / story / cartoon / whatever, please tell me."

Since I've been getting such a huge volume of humor-related email, I simply
haven't had the time to email each and every contributor back to find out
his name. And I don't like publishing people's email addressed without
their permission first. So unless someone gives me a different name or
tells me up-front that it's okay to use their email address, I just give the
credit as anonymous. So, lemme ask... should I credit you as
"MCCOLGDEB@aol.com"? Or something else? :-)

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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