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Well, it's nice to know there are some Doctor Who fans still out there...
I don't think the Cybermen used nanomachines really, it was sort of more of
a replacement of limbs and stuff(Notice the Early Cybermen still have some
human parts).
Getting a little OT on Doctor Who,I'd really like to see a Japanese take on
the Daleks or Cybermen...The Dalek i think might end up looking like a Zaku
tank mixed with the Zeong(With a claw or something replacing the 'plunger
hand') the cybermen would probably be given a lighter and less-stiff
appearence. Although their 80s redesign was pretty cool, it would have been
interesting to see what a higher budget or being animated could do for them.
Sadly, we may never know..
 Also, does anybody think that the Gundam and the Zakus look a little like
the Cybermen and Daleks?

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> >> What's a nanotech? How does it turn the tide of a battle?
> >> what does it have to do with an i field?
> >>
> >
> >Sort of like G Gundam's Devil Gundam Cell, which regenerates damaged
> >automatically.
> Nanotech is the science of small, molecule sized machines used in repair
and healing which are currently being worked on. The theory is that these
machines could enter the human body and produce internal repairs.
Interesting stuff. Scary too in some ways. Hmmm, might not be too long
before stuff like the Borg or the Cybermen become real possibilities.
> Taking this further, nanites (as the nanotech machines are often refered
to) could be used to repair battle damage ina machine like a Gundam, by
canibalizing parts of other machines, making it last longer on the
> As for what it has to do with the I field, I don't know, not having seen G
Gundam and what they did with them.
> Roland
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