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> If you mean the Japanese website, its the Gundam Millenium site:
> http://www.infosakyu.ne.jp/~sekkan/main.htm
> BTW it's got a great new pic of the MSM-07F Zugock on the front page! Wait a
> minute, what the hack is a Zugock-F, is that something they just made
> up? Also, what's with the left arm?

Since the picture is not labeled in any way, and you only find the "MSM-07F"
designation by looking at the filename (msm07f.JPG), it could simply be a typo.
The substitution of what appears to be a missile pod suggests that its a
Zugock-E variation, in which case it's probably a fannish invention. It's a
very nice rendering, though -- very professional.


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